Here's a little collection of stained glass panels devoted to the theme of Lurvvvvve (go on say it in your best Barry White voice I dare you).


If you fancy your own pair of lovebirds, quite like the idea  of quoting Shakespeare every so often, have always hankered for a Herbie but don't have the garage space or are a traditional heart person then you're in the right place.


I've screenprinted the images onto a piece of champagne glass (that's the name of the colour by the way, nothing to do with the bottles) and then surrounded each image with a mix of red and purple glass.


Each panel has two hanging loops so you are good to go, once you've decided where to display it.


18cm x 14cm - Gnomeo, Gnomeo wherefore art thou....

18cm x 14cm - Love Bug

18cm x 14cm - Heart

14cm x 12cm - Love Birds

Valentine panels