Let's start at the beginning.....

Well the gallery wasn't started by Adam and Eve but Vicky and Dawn with a bit of help from John and Andy. Looking at the pair of stables that were in danger of becoming a place to store bits and bobs to be sorted sometime never, a plan was hatched. In the March I heard about Worcestershire Open Studios that were taking place on the August Bank Holiday - let's get it ready for then! Not much to do except take off the old flat tin roof and put up a lovely new sloping roof which would have room for skylights for extra light, dismantle the dividing wall, put in another wall to close off an open side complete with a French door and side windows, take out a horrible door and put in another shiny window, add wall and ceiling insulation and reline both to keep everything snug. Then paint everything inside and out, put up the box units and shelves, sort out the display units, oh and make some stock. Amazingly in spite of the fact that I went on a 3 week holiday just before the Open Studios (which if I'm honest was probably for the best) all was ready on time.

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